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Sr No. Organization
Name of Training Course / Symposium / Workshop Course Director / Coordinator Dates Venue Miscellaneous
1. GCNEP (SRSS) Workshop for IPS Officials on "Preventive, Preparedness and Response to Nuclear/Radiological Threats/Emergencies" Shri Probal Chaudhury, BARC
+91-22 25595010
10th - 11th January 2019 Chennai
2. GCNEP (SNSS) Indo-US Workshop on "Modeling and Simulation of Physical Protection System" Shri V K Sinha, GCNEP
Shri Ansul Kumar, GCNEP
Ms. Constance McAninch, DOE, USA
08th - 12th April 2019 GCNEP Bahadurgarh
3. GCNEP (SNSS) 7th National Training Course on "Physical Protection of Nuclear Material and Nuclear Facilities" Shri V K Sinha, GCNEP
Shri Ansul Kumar, GCNEP
29th April - 03rd May 2019 GCNEP Bahadurgarh
4. GCNEP 7th Indo US Joint Working Group Meeting Shri Ranajit Kumar, DAE
+91-22 22043041
Shri V K Sinha, GCNEP
06th - 7th May 2019 GCNEP Bahadurgarh
5. GCNEP (SNSS) Workshop on "Physical Protection Technologies" Shri V K Sinha, GCNEP
Shri Ansul Kumar, GCNEP
08th - 10th May 2019 GCNEP Bahadurgarh
6. GCNEP (SNSS & SRSS) Training Program on "Physical Protection of Nuclear Facilities" & "Nuclear Radiation Emergency Preparedness and Response" Shri Probal Chaudhury, BARC
Shri V K Sinha, GCNEP
Shri Saras Seth, BARC
Shri Ansul Kumar, GCNEP
29th July - 09th August 2019 GCNEP Bahadurgarh

Program Schedule

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